To provide the quickest road to improvement, every lesson consists of the follow steps.

1. Meet and greet with Dion

Discuss your golfing background and break down the area’s of your game into strengths and weaknesses.

2. Devise a plan of attack

From our discussions, set about focusing on the area that will produce the greatest initial improvement to your game.

3. Swing, chip, putt or drive on camera

You will then relax into the session by hitting golf balls while your swing is filmed. The high speed cameras and launch monitors help analysis our area of concentration.

4. Understand your swing

You will gain a great understanding of your swing as you are shown exactly what will make you a better player and how to make the intended change.

5. Access your online swing locker

You will receive an online “UrCaddy” locker that will house everything about your lesson so you can view your lesson anytime.

6. Receive your practice program

When your session is complete, you will be given a practice plan and only ONE clear and concise focus area. Learning how to practice to improve is the most important part of the lesson and something Dion prides himself on. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it.