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Great lesson as usual …thanks Dion

Ilja Sidoti

Dion is the best coach in Melbourne, he took me from a 9 handicap to Scratch in 6 months, I couldn’t recommend a better coach. Dion understands the golf swing better than anyone I have ever met and he is also a top bloke.

David Rees

Another great session Dion… Still plenty to do ! Seeing where my swing was 9 months ago to where it is now blows my mind! Thanks again and see you again soon.

Ilja Sidoti

Could not be happier! Very professional, easy to understand and great knowledge of the swing. Very highly recommended.

Glenn Mackenzie

After a few lessons Dion has the swing performing at a more consistent level….and looking like a pro. Just have to groove it now…….One step closer to World Domination!

Christopher Arnold

I have had 2 great lessons with Kippa now and with his great coaching mind, paired with his awesome facilities makes developing my game fun and efficient. Having worked with some of Australia’s best coaches in the past, I can honestly say that Kippa’s way of delivering his large bank of knowledge is as practical as I have ever had! Thanks a heap for breaking it down for me and making complete sense, as well as making it easy to put into practise! See You soon!!

James Glazier

Very professional orientation given by Dion Kipping. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in improving their golf.

Andrew Godfrey

Good problem solving stuff.

Andrew McDonald

Thanks Dion, I came in to this first lesson looking to become a more consistent hitter of the ball. And within 20 min and a very simple posture position change and adjustment, my swing had changed shape naturally and for the better. Now all I have to do is get used playing without a fade and make sure I choose the right club as the contact I’m making is crisp and clean and effortless. Don’t wanna hit too long now! Thanks Dion for the fine tuning. Current handicap 13! Stay tuned for the new handicap 🙂

Frank Bajer

Cheers Dion , thanks for the lesson today now I feel I have a much Better understanding of my golf swing. With a few simple changes that you made to my swing Today I am already striking the ball better than I ever have. Thanks again Dean

Dean Smith

Dion is the absolute golfing professional. Having not played much golf in recent years I was feeling rather anxious about how I was going to swing the club. Within seconds Dion was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and within minutes had me back swing confidently again. Not only do I feel better about my swing but Dions constant feedback and weekly homework is imperative to help imporove your game. I would recommend Dion to anyone. Terrific bloke and outstanding coach with limitless knowledge.

Jimmy Everitt

Great session mate… Always plenty to work on! You on get out of life what you put in!

Ilja Sidoti

Loved the lesson. Easy to see & understand logic of the changes. No wasted time losding videos. You see everything immediately. Clear and straight forward explanation. After playing golf for 30 years this was the best lesson I’ve ever had. And all in 30 minutes. Perfect. Now for the practice. And hopefully positive results.

Bryan Ericson

Great lesson as usual…closing the gap each visit. Thanks D

Ilja Sidoti

Thanks Dion. Pleasure to meet you and happy to take away some solid tips from my first lesson. Look forward to some more sessions and playing some beautiful golf. Definitely recommend to friends. A cool dude!

Kenny Lim

As a complete beginner to golf Dion kept things simple and helped me improve my shot a lot during our lesson as well as giving me a few things to work on in the meantime. I was skeptical about learning with an indoor simulator but it turned out to be great, allowing me to focus on the swing without getting to bogged down in ball flight to start off with.

Josh Dunne

Dion has been a great help to me in analysing then making fundemental rather than radical change to my full swing. The training facility is critical in the improvement as I work in the Melb CBD. Dion takes a genuine interest in your improvementand is only too happy to take questions and give advice outside the lessons. Handicap has gone from 14.7 to 12.7 in 8 weeks I’ll take that. Thanks Dion

Wayne Rau

Completed the orientation this afternoon for the training setup at Flinders street. I was very impressed with the walk through and setup itself. I am exited to start using the facility and seem my handicap drop in 2015. Dion is full of passion, professional and forth coming. Looking forward to my first training session.

Ganesh Srivenkatesh

Thanks Dion. Great intro by breaking down the major points into repeatable steps. Look forward to the next lessons.

Cato Ulloa

It was my first golf lesson. Dion was very friendly and welcoming and we went straight into it. He asked the basics and his instructions and tips were easy to follow using the computer and camera to correct posture, swing etc. There was no pressure and he was very patient. There was enough reinforcement and repetition that I could use on the course straight away. I saw some improvement immediately which was very encouraging and gave me confidence. I will definitely be going back for more lesson.

Pete Evans

Dion is clear & concise with instructions and makes its very easy to understand in a friendly, professional and welcoming environment.

Yasar Er


Simon Holmberg

Really loving the one on one sessions and how Dion explains this in an easy to understand way.

Nadia Roberts

I have spent thousands of dollars on lessons and countless hours practising. The lesson I just had with Dion was the best I have ever had. Thanks mate!

Sean Lowther

Truly one of the best lessons I’ve had. Broke the swing down into simple important components and most importantly gave good routine tips to reduce swing thought in your round compared to the range. Will be back next time I’m in Melbourne.

Chris Doblo

First lesson and established there is some hope. Looking forward to learning more.

Michael Coughlan

Dion was very prompt, knowledgeable and professional in his approach. What he has to offer in the location is definitely worth it. The practice and teaching setup available for use is fantastic and the price is excellent value. I am looking forward to working with Dion in the future.

Michael Donehue

Had a great first lesson with Dion, he took time to explain the mechanics of the swing in a very simple and comprehendible way. I will certainly be returning.

Gareth Nicholls

Love the way Dion explains the mechanics of the swing simply. You can just ‘get it’. By adding the interactive website and app to the process, this reaffirms the lessons and helps you revise every session. Simply AWESOME!

Jim Nash

I had a lesson today and as usual Dion was able to quickly diagnose the issue that was holding me back. Moreover he is able to communicate clearly how I could change my swing to address the issue.

Chris Bate

Within minutes of describing the issues I have with my golf game and having watched me hit 3 balls, Dion pinpointed most immediate problem and implemented an effective fix. This guy knows his stuff and is clearly passionate about what he does. I was instantly comfortable and confident with Dion….the two absolute musts for any student to have in a coach, no matter what the lesson! I have no doubt that, with Dion, I will get to the handicap target I have set…it won’t surprise me if/when I achieve better than that target

James McKinnon